Criminals hate these types of gates

You can’t stop crime from taking place, but you can minimise your chance of being targeted with the right set of gates.

It feels at the moment that crime is at an all-time high, with local reports of theft and damage to vehicles and properties everywhere you turn. Perhaps spurred on by the effects and hardships of Coronavirus nowhere seems particularly safe from it at the moment. So, if you can’t stop the intent to commit crime (obviously, no one can), how can you minimise the chance that you’ll be someone’s target?


Gates can be a very efficient layer of security to your property, if you have the right ones. They offer security by being a physical deterrent, privacy and generally make a properly look less appealing to a burglar.

So, which type of gates do criminals hate? We’re glad you asked…

Automated / Electric Gates

If keeping your property secure is your priority then automated gates are the solution. They will stop people from manually pushing your gates open which can protect you from opportunist crime and keep unauthorised visitors from your house. As standard, they are strong and robust year-round but should you wish to have extra measures installed so the gates can withstand greater impacts you can. Automated gates can have features like anti-tailgate, anti-hacking technology, reversing sensors, battery backup and surge protection offering ultimate protection.

Wood Infill Gates

Wooden infill gates can provide an excellent layer of security. As the first line of defence from the street, the sheer privacy of these type of gates can deter would be criminals who can’t access the vulnerability of your property.

Steel Gates

A steel gate is fully welded, galvanised, and made of robust, durable steel – making it perfect if you want gates as a security measure. Furthermore, a steel gate acts as a visible deterrent – a burglar is more likely to target someone who doesn’t have the same amount of protection. The increase in time it would take to access your property further adds to the risk making you unappealing. This added layer of security could also see your home insurance premium reduce – saving you money!

Gates and railings can be the first line of defence for your property, if you are looking for privacy and security with a touch of class on your property, look no further, Weldlock Engineering Ltd can deliver!

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Bespoke Steel Buildings

All our products are made bespoke to you by our Fabrication team from raw materials, these are not ‘off the shelf’ products:

  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated
  • Composite boards/wooden infills
  • Automation

We make our products to last and look the business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your FREE quote today!

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