Gate Trends to look out for in 2021

In this article we look at what’s hot and what’s not with gates in 2021.

Thank goodness it’s 2021 and with the new year comes new opportunities. Many people will be starting the year planning how they can make home improvements (it’s not like there’s much else to think about).  Many people are now spending their hard-earned money on their homes rather than luxuries like holidays and clothes.

One of the home improvements that you can invest in that gives you a big bang for your book is gates. They massively increase kerb appeal, add more privacy to a home and offer a much-needed layer of security. You can read more about the advantages of ‘bespoke’ gates in a past article.

A couple of our customers have asked us recently ‘what gates are going to be most in fashion in 2021’ so we thought it would make sense to offer our predictions.

Automated Gates

If you really want to bring your gate game in to the 2021 then automated gates are the answer. They are convenient, secure, safe and overall just look the business.

Steel framed gates infilled with composites boards

We believe this style of gate will become more and more popular this year. With many new developments being finished and surrounding houses looking to modernise, steel framed gates infilled with composites boards add a very modern aesthetic. Not to mention how incredibly private they can make a property look.

Steel framed gates infilled with timber

Timber is still very much in and adds a real timeless look to a property. We have a huge demand for steel framed gates infilled with timber due to their warmness making a property feel more welcoming, but at the same time offering a unmatched level of privacy.

Steel Gates

They’re reliable, they’re classy and they aren’t going anywhere in 2021. The right set of steel gates make a stylish statement and look great on a wide variety of properties.


Gates and railings can be the first line of defence for your property, if you are looking for privacy and security with a touch of class on your property, look no further, Weldlock Engineering Ltd can deliver!

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Bespoke Steel Buildings

All our products are made bespoke to you by our Fabrication team from raw materials, these are not ‘off the shelf’ products:

  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated
  • Composite boards/wooden infills
  • Automation

We make our products to last and look the business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your FREE quote today!

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