Should I choose steel or wooden bespoke gates?

Here at Weldlock Engineering Ltd we’re often asked what material we’d suggest for gates, the truth is they each have their own merits. With this in mind we’d ask what reason you want gates installed – this often helps with the decision process.

To give you a better indication of which gate material is for you we’ve listed some possible scenarios below:

“I have security worries”

If security is on your mind or you live in an area with crime concerns, steel gates are the ideal choice. Steel is very strong and acts as a visible deterrent – a burglar is more likely to target someone who doesn’t have the same amount of protection.

“I want privacy”

If privacy is your main concern, wooden gates are the obvious choice. They block prying eyes from the street and create a nice enclosure on your drive where children or pets can play in peace, whereas metal gates don’t offer the same level of privacy.

“I want low maintenance gates”

If it’s low maintenance gates you require then steel gates that are galvanised and painted will last you the longest amount of time without on-going maintenance needs.

“I want to make my property to look classier”

If it’s class you’re after, the right set of steel gates make a stylish statement and look great on a wide variety of properties.

“I want to make my home look more welcoming”

Wooden gates feel warmer, homelier and are more welcoming than a metal gate. A wooden gate blends in especially well with gardens, accentuating the organic elegance of your trees, plants and flowers.

“I am conscious about the environment”

Wood is a more sustainable material than metal, so for those who care about the environment, wood is definitely the choice for you!


It’s impossible for us to say which gate is for you as a lot of it comes down to personal taste however our experts are here to help make the decision-making process that little bit easier, so you end up with the perfect gates for you.

Every steel or wooden gate we make is handmade by our specialist welders at our facility in Doncaster and installed with confidence throughout South Yorkshire and beyond.

Gates and railings can be the first line of defence for your property, if you are looking for privacy and security with a touch of class on your property, look no further, Weldlock Engineering Ltd can deliver!

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Bespoke Steel Buildings

All our products are made bespoke to you by our Fabrication team from raw materials, these are not ‘off the shelf’ products:

  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated
  • Composite boards/wooden infills
  • Automation

We make our products to last and look the business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your FREE quote today!

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