Why Choose a Wood Infill Gate?

As gate fabrication / installation experts we’re well positioned to tell you exactly why our customers choose to invest in bespoke wooden infill gates.

Here at Weldlock Engineering Ltd we fabricate and install bespoke wooden infill gates to many residents in South Yorkshire and beyond. We often get asked ‘why should I choose wooden infill over other types of gates?’. A big part of this comes down to preference and what style gate would best compliment the property but there are some very specific reasons why wood infill gates are a great choice. These reasons are usually the deciding factor when choosing this style gate.



Wooden infill gates create a beautiful entranceway to your home as they ooze natural beauty and unique charm. They look and feel warmer, homelier and more welcoming than a metal gate. A wooden gate blends in especially well with gardens, accentuating the organic elegance of your trees, plants and flowers. All or wooden infill gates are bespoke so they can fabricated to your exact specification to really enhance your property.

Low Maintenance

When you invest in a new gate you want it to stand the test of time and look great for many years to come. Wooden infill gates are a great low maintenance choice for this as they are highly durable and hold up in all types of weather and seasons. With minimal periodic maintenance and treatment your gates can look as good as new for years after their installation.



Wooden infill gates are THE gates to choose when privacy is important to you. They block prying eyes from the street and create a nice enclosure on your drive where children or pets can play in peace, whereas metal gates don’t offer the same privacy.


Are you worried about your property’s security? Wooden infill gates can provide an excellent layer of security. As the first line of defence from the street, the sheer privacy of these type of gates can deter would be criminals who can’t access the vulnerability of your property.


Lower Carbon Footprint

Wood is a more sustainable material than metal, so for those who care about the environment, wood is definitely the choice for you!


Gates and railings can be the first line of defence for your property, if you are looking for privacy and security with a touch of class on your property, look no further, Weldlock Engineering Ltd can deliver!

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Bespoke Steel Buildings

All our products are made bespoke to you by our Fabrication team from raw materials, these are not ‘off the shelf’ products:

  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated
  • Composite boards/wooden infills
  • Automation

We make our products to last and look the business.

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