Why choose steel gates? Bespoke steel gates made in Doncaster

Steel has become the material of choice for many gate fabricators and installers – because it offers some truly great benefits!

Here at Weldlock Engineering Ltd we know steel – it’s a material that we use to fabricate many gates with and one that we recommend to many of our customers. We understand the unique benefits it offers and how it can be used as a great solution for many different situations.

So why should you opt for steel gates? We’ve listed some truly undeniable reasons below:


Steel is STRONG
Steel is one of the most robust materials known to man, making it a durable long-lasting solution for gates. If you want gates that will stand the test of time, then steel is the material for you. Also, because of its strength, steel offers the ability to create more complex designs which is ideal when making bespoke gates.


Steel gates are secure
A steel gate is fully welded, galvanised, and made of robust, durable steel – making it perfect if you want gates as a security measure. Furthermore, a steel gate acts as a visible deterrent – a burglar is more likely to target someone who doesn’t have the same amount of protection. This added layer of security could also see your home insurance premium reduce – saving you money!


Steel gates last and they take little maintenance. We’d always recommend having your steel gates galvanised and painted in the first instance to ensure maximum protection from the elements. You can be confident that these are an investment that will last you a long time.


Steel gates look great!
There’s something about steel gates… they just look classy. It’s amazing how much a set of steel gates can transform the look of a property and make a statement.


We fabricate many made to measure steel gates at our HQ in Doncaster and install them with confidence throughout South Yorkshire and beyond. Every steel gate we make is handmade by our specialist welders at our facility. Each gate it then galvanised to prevent rusting and painted to your requirements.

Gates and railings can be the first line of defence for your property, if you are looking for privacy and security with a touch of class on your property, look no further, Weldlock Engineering Ltd can deliver!

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Bespoke Steel Buildings

All our products are made bespoke to you by our Fabrication team from raw materials, these are not ‘off the shelf’ products:

  • Galvanised
  • Powder Coated
  • Composite boards/wooden infills
  • Automation

We make our products to last and look the business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your FREE quote today!

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